Steam on Linux

So Valve has been generous enough to provide a Linux build of Steam for many years now, but the most recent numbers from Valve show only about 0.74% of Steam users are using Linux. For comparison, about 3% are using Macs. So these numbers aren’t great, especially if you were thinking that Valve and it’s […]

Stop Jonesing Hardware

I have a coworker, a fellow developer, who wanted a nice car. He only had about 3k to put down so he quickly found himself at the under 10k and buy here pay here lots.  So he ends up buying a 2007 Audi with over 100,000 miles with a good chunk financed. Between the extra […]

A Pathfinding Dilemma

The past six weeks have been quite busy for me. I was asked to help make an isomorphic prototype by another programmer at work and of course I jumped at this opportunity. I love isometric stuff and early in my tenure I made several isometric projects in our environment. Over 16 years it seems I’m […]

Shenzhen I/O

Since this weekend is a super-exciting release weekend for my company I’ve been chained to my computer to fix bugs that don’t exist. But it’s the only time I get to remote in so of course I’m wasting my time being being unproductive. My most recent source of unproductivity is Shenzhen I/O. A slick puzzle […]

The Fall

I was thinking of doing a piece on Halfway because I sank an ungodly amount of time into it, but then I started playing this little gem. The Fall is an absolutely delightful action adventure title. Set in a world where humans have designed and built robots and AI for everything; administrating factories, maintaining other […]

Plug & Play

Plug & Play is billed as an interactive film and explores themes of sex, love, intimacy, so and so forth in an interesting and abstract way. I found the art style to be quite appealing. It has a strange crudeness to it which just seems to work when combined with the sheer bizarreness of some […]

The indie game scene is a strange place

A few weeks back I went to a play test of a local developers game called ReallyGoodBattle. There was another guy trying to show us his game, but it was a bit rougher and the team appeared to be decentralized so the game’s writer was the one presenting and he didn’t quite ave the crowd […]