Steam on Linux

So Valve has been generous enough to provide a Linux build of Steam for many years now, but the most recent numbers from Valve show only about 0.74% of Steam users are using Linux. For comparison, about 3% are using Macs. So these numbers aren’t great, especially if you were thinking that Valve and it’s […]

Mad Max vs Shadow Of Mordor

I’ve been busy writing actual code at work and that’s been sapping my creative energy, can you believe that in 15 years of non-stop production no one ever bothered to implement a version of quick sort, or any kind of sort that actually worked? And that’s why this post will always be true. But somewhere […]

Raidmax ATX626BP mATX Review and Build

I finally finished moving and what better way to celebrate than by buying another motherboard, case, and some some RAM to put my leftover CPU and graphics cards to work! As a budget conscious (broke) and savvy (stingy) consumer of computer parts I’ve been working on building my old FM2+ socketed board into a decent […]

Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation is first-person survival horror that beautifully emulates the look and feel of the Ridley Scott film Alien and Cameron’s sequel Aliens. Developed by Creative Assembly, probably best known for the Total War series, there was cautious anticipation for the game when it was nearing release back in 2014. Other Alien games had been […]

SteamOS and Hitman

So I recently bought Hitman on sale despite my rig being far from the suggested minimum specs. I’m a long time Hitman fan and with the reviews of the game being so positive and the recent changes happening regarding IO-Interactive and their publisher situation I figured I’d best show my support and get it while […]

Dogs, Death, and Delays

Let me start by saying I’m disappointed at myself for not carving out more time to work on this, but today I’m feeling particularly inspired to write as today I lost my good friend of 16 years, Maxx. Maxx is a Pembroke welsh corgi and was one of the best companions a boy could ever […]